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Alfa Multimedia

Alfa Multimedia, founded in 1999, is an information technology company that develops multimedia projects for the healthcare sector. Pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, government, publishers and universities are its key market segments, where medical doctors, pharmacist and patients play a central role. Key Products and Services:

  • Software Application for Clinical Simulation MEDITECA.
  • Mobile solutions, where the mobile TV phone application for the medical community is presented.
  • e-learning.
  • Multimedia projects Internet, CD, DVD, PDA.
  • e-health.

Our innovative spirit combined with our know-how leads to a constant research and lead to better communication and information exchange among healthcare professionals.

Our knowledge of the sector is unparalleled and we have medical professionals in the workforce contributing content and knowledge to every project we develop, as well as solutions to the communication and knowledge gaps that arise in the daily life of any doctor or health professional.

Alfa Multimedia are rapidly expanding internationally. We are currently present in the following countries: