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Mobile Phone Applications

• Platform for haemophilic patients follow up.
• Medical treaty for the Elderly.
• Broadcast life of medical events.
• Alert system for allergic patients.


• Insomnia Course.
• Nutrition treaty.
• Course on obesity.
• Course on Advances in pharmacology and pharmacotherapy.
• Course on medical products.
• Course on Derma pharmacy.
• Course on Pharmaceutical Formulation.
• Course on Clinical Analysis.
• Course on Medical abilities

Multimedia Solutions

• Interactive Vademecum for Johnson and Johnson.
• Interactive Gynaecology dictionary.
• Techniques in Arthroscopy.
• Games for promotion of the product EVRA.
• On-line Atherosclerosis image database.
• On-line Haematology image database.
• On-line Rheumatology image database.
• On-line Nutrition image database.


• On-line Vademecum for Johnson and Johnson.
• Clinical case On-line Database .


• Enbrel product presentation.
• CD-ROM: Arthroscopy collection of scientific material.
• CD-ROM: SOMIAMA on-line scientific material recompilation.
• CD-ROM Kit Actelion.
• CD-ROM International Symposium in Mielodisplasy Syndromes.
• CD-ROM Scientific materials for the Arthroscopy Congress.
• CD-ROM Cardiologic risk and obesity.
• Application Software for management of hospitals and medical clinics.

And much more…